October 17, 2010

His Faithful Love

Sweet innocence… There is nothing like the beauty of a child’s sparkling eyes, is there? Our children’s eyes still sparkle with bubbling laughter—laughter that is such a blessing to my heavy heart. And right now, I can rest in the beauty of my husband’s love holding my heart, even though far away, assuring me that this too will pass… And if not, the Lord will provide.

The Lord will make a way… Even without a physical husband’s strong arms around me, the Lord’s arms are everlasting and much stronger. The treasured words of Isaiah 54 give such comfort…

Thankfulness fills my heart that the “mail box” containing His Letters is still there; and that we can openly and legally meditate on them. His "letters" are always ready to be opened and read. In Him and The Word alone is the comfort that I seek.

The beauty of the path before us… Sometimes we don’t see because the sun is shining so brightly: love shining directly in our eyes. Yet, even when the Light hurts, He keeps us on the path, holding our hand and guiding us toward the Gate. When that time comes, he will make a way. The gate will open before us—somehow.

We know the answer even before it is asked: Hasn’t He always been faithful—even when our hearts waver?

And we praise Him—we praise His Holiness forever!


  1. ((((((((((((ooly)))))))))))))))

    As always, His light shines through your careful words, my kindred Sister In Christ. I've missed you & pray all is well.

    In Christ's Perfect love, Faith

  2. (((Faith))) Thanks so much for your comment! :-)

    All is well because He is still holding our lives in His ever loving hands... You know how it goes. We always have Him who is our strength.

    Sending lots of love in Christ to you, dear Sister,


    (Been praying for you too dear one!)


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