February 27, 2012

Quick Update

It's been forever since I blogged last...

So, for a quick update: First of all, we pray that each of you is spiritually well, and is in excellent health too!

We are very thankful that each member of our family is doing wonderfully. Thank you so much for all of your prayers... Our Abba Father listened, and dear hubby made it home safely. All praise to the Lord!!!

We don't have much spare time because the children keep us running. You know how it is for parents with four dear children: Mom's/Dad's Taxi service. Thank the Lord for calendars!!! :-)

I think of you often and pray for you and your family.

Sending lots of (((hugs))) and love in Christ Jesus to you and your family,


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November 15, 2010

Building Stong Christian Homes

The Lord designed Christian homes to ideally be a place for the family to enjoy peace and happiness. Our homes are (hopefully) a place where each member of the family respects every other member.

Below are reasons, given by the Amish, for disobedient children. I thought this was very interesting & have used it to consider ways to improve our lives. (This becomes even more interesting if applied to how our heavenly Father deals with us—His dear children…)

Reasons Children are Disobedient:

1) When instructions are not always clearly and/or properly stated the child can be confused.

When a child does not know how to proceed, s/he can't obey. (Lord God, make your way plain before me so that I understand…Help me to obey when I do understand Your directions!)

2) The child feels the parent/authority does not mean what they say.

When promises or threats are made but not kept in a timely manner, disobedience is encouraged—and respect for the parent/authority is lost or weakened. (Holy God, I know You mean what you say in Your Holy Word. Help me understand how awesome it is… that You always keep Your promises… And that you also discipline those You love—because You love them.)

3) A parent consistently gives in when a child cries. (This does not include *babies* or if a child is hurt.)

When this happens, you make the child the master of the parents. At times a child cries to "punish" someone. So you "allow" the child to punish the parent this way. (Abba Father, Thank You loving me so much that You do what is very best for me—not necessarily what I want—even when I cry about it and quote scripture to try to back up what I am saying…regardless of Your holy and perfect will for my life. Thank You for working *all* things together for good for *all* of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. Romans 8:28)

4) Parents do not immediately insist on obedience.

You've probably heard: "Delayed obedience is disobedience." If discipline is left until later, it often multiplies the problem. If parents take care of discipline *before* they get angry, they deal with the child in a positive manner. (Dear Lord God, thank You for being patient with me and not getting angry with me. Help me to become more obedient because I love You…)

5) Child does not understand that disobedience to parents is also disobedience to God.

This is a huge issue in our society today! If a child does not learn to respect authority when they *are* a child, they will have a lot more trouble learning to respect authority (and God) when they are older. (Heavenly King of Kings, help me respect Your authority and obey You with an obedience that flows naturally out of my love for You—a love You birthed in me… 1 John 3:19)

6) Expecting too much from a child - or not explaining clearly/properly (as stated in #1) causes a child to lose heart.

The last thing a loving parent wants to do is cause their child to lose heart... (Beloved Lord, I praise You that You always know what is too much for me & promise that You will not give me more than I can take!)

7) Your anger gives the child control.

Let your child know how their disobedience saddens your heart, but never give in to anger! (Lord God, it amazes me that You only have righteous anger. Thank You for not being angry with me—even though I feel I deserve it because of my sin. Yet because Jesus died for all of my sins, I can repent—and You will wash me clean from all sin & unrighteousness! I praise & thank You Lord!!!)

8) Child wants parents' attention.

The best gift anyone can give (including giving to their children) is their time. Time is God's currency. (Precious Abba… How my heart is comforted knowing You are always with me & will never leave nor forsake me…)

9) Respect for children has not been shown.

If a child cringes at a parent's or authorities word... This is not Christian or respectful! (Gentle Savior, how tender You are with me… You are truly the Good Shepherd and I am only a lowly lame lamb. You have allowed me to know You, and in all the time I’ve known You, You have shown only perfect love You have for me. Help me rest securely in Your love and mercy.)

10) Child has not learned to pray.

Teach child to pray for guidance. God's Holy Spirit is the *only* One who can bring about complete obedience. Too often prayer is given last place in our lives - or it is forgotten altogether. (Lord, teach me how to pray just as You did Your first disciples… More and more… deeper than deep… Let me come unto You and dwell with You, oh precious lover of my soul...)

How awesomely blessed we are to have Abba Father who loves us more than we love our own children... How blessed we are to have our beloved Savior; Jesus our heavenly Father's Son. Jesus...who died for our sins & washed us clean by the power of His Holy Blood. How awesome to walk with Him, being led by the precious Holy Spirit in all that we say and do... Our wonderful Comforter during these times...

I pray that this blesses your life as it has mine.

Lots of love to you in our Beloved Savior, Jesus,


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November 6, 2010

And In the News

Lately, I've left our children home alone more than ever before. (Dear Hubby being gone...) They are well over old enough (by law) to be left alone, and yet, we are careful. Even more so, when one reads in the news about the people who criticize the parents of the 16 year old girl who attempted to sail around the world by herself.

At 16 she's not ready to set goals for herself--when several generations ago, it was normal for 12 to 16 year olds to get married and start a family?! (No I don't want any of our children getting married yet! LOL! However, it shows how much our ideas about responsibility and childhood have changed.)

One wonders how many who are criticizing have heard of the two Abernathy boys? When they were *nine* and *five* years old, they rode their horses from Fredrick, Oklahoma to El Paso, Texas, and then, they rode them back to Oklahoma. A year or so later, they rode their horses from Oklahoma all the way to New York! (See pictures from the "Frederick Daily Leader" October 29, 1967, 50th year NO. 196.) Amazing!

(Left click on the picture to read the news article. Toggle between the last two pictures.)

Isn't it awesome to realize that some "children" are much more resourceful and responsible than most of us realize? That, if left alone, they could survive & even prosper with only a little help from others?

Granted, there are children who are *not* ready to be on their own! They are not responsible at 16 and sometimes not even at 30--even though we as parents/educators have done our best...

I'm praying for the children of this nation--that they once again begin taking the responsibility that they did in the past. That they surge forward toward the future and the calling that the Lord has for them.

May the Lord bless you & your family,

Sending love and (((hugs))),


November 5, 2010

Treasure Hunt

“Let’s go on an adventure!” enthused our 5 year old.

“What kind of adventure?” we grinned at him.

“A treasure hunt!

Outside, the weather was perfect: sunny with only a hint of a breeze.

The dirt was just moist enough to make for easy digging. It smelled of earthiness and growth. As we dug, the golden “treasures” were grabbed by willing hands and placed carefully into the wagon.

“Dig over here!” yelled one of the children.

“Well, there’s probably nothing there,” Grandpa said.

“Please Grandpa? Let’s see!”

He began digging.

Up came a 4 pound sweet potato!

“If there’s nothing there,” we teased, “We’d hate to see if something really was!”

Our treasure hunt was *very* successful! We ended up with a large wagon-full of treasure! :-)

(((Dear Ones))), I pray that your day is full of happiness!

Sending much love to you in Christ Jesus--our eternal treasure,


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November 1, 2010

Spilling the Beans...

I guess it’s time to “spill the beans” so to speak. ;-) Sweet hubby has left to help with the war effort in Afghanistan.

We euphemistically call it “a trip to the Big A.” LOL! Sounds much more appealing, don’t you think? The other euphemism we enjoy using? My Sweetie is on vacation at the beach—only without the ocean. :-)

The uncertainty is really difficult. We don't know what the future holds... However, come to think of it, each of us is a terminal case (thanks to good 'ol Adam and Eve)—whether we want to admit it or not… What our family must focus on is that the Lord calls each of us to use the time He has given to the best of our ability—and for His glory. (If we are using any of it otherwise, we are not using it properly. ;-) Okay… Guess that's enough preaching to myself in this blog. LOL!

We still find time to laugh here—I refuse to stay sad! We have enjoyed the wonderful fall weather & took a field trip down to help my parents with their ranch. (I’ve typed up a short blog about that—just have to get the picture ready.)

Sending a big (((HUG))) to each of you & prayers for you & your families,

Much Love in Christ Jesus our Savior & Lord,


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October 26, 2010

Ever Wonder About Cinderella?

There she is—living in a palace—a perfect life of happiness, right?

Fancy balls, feasts, and so many celebrations;
Beautiful dresses and a pair of shoes to go with each dress;
Servants to tend to her every need: her hair, nails, and make-up…

Lady of the land, living in a castle,
being waited on hand and foot…
Oh yes, even chefs cook whatever her heart desires!

And then, of course, there is…. *sigh* the dashingly handsome Prince Charming….

And as any good Prince would, he dotes on his Princess bride. Their life: a perfect dream of happily ever after…. Oh, it’s so easy to believe… To forget the rest… To focus on the good of life instead!

He proudly walks in with her on his arm at every state function. The trumpets announce them as they enter under an archway of flashing swords. As the evening continues, everyone there seeks the couple out making small talk—not ever openly recognizing that they remember she is only a servant girl Cinderella masquerading as a Princess…

Happily ever after…

Or not?

What about how the story continues?

It is only time before Prince Charming is called to lead his countrymen to defend their homeland. Sure, he could stay safely in the palace with Cinderella and their darling children—but since he is a true leader of the Land, he goes where he is needed, but more than that—where he is *called.*

Of course the new Princess must stay behind. Everyone knows where she came from... They know that only because of the Prince is she "royalty." And so she lives confined to the castle—waiting for her Prince Charming to return… There are no more parties, no more state dinners, even the servants seem to disappear into the shadows…

And she is left, crying in the night to the only One who truly understands…

Sometimes lives look completely different when viewed from the inside... But praise the Lord that He will never leave nor forsake us! How truly blessed we are! :-)

Sending much love in Christ to you, dear reader,


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October 18, 2010

Perfect Love

Lord, You remind me:

"Perfect love casts out all fear." (1 John 4:18)

Lord, perfect Your love in me!

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