February 18, 2010

Memories of Foxy

Pictures have a way of bringing back so many memories! Years have passed—and yet—seem to vanish in a second as my gaze blurs and today’s surroundings disappear...

Our "first child" Foxy... It’s been years since my face has been wet remembering… She came into our lives when we needed healing.

While only a small child, my daily petition for a puppy like her reached Abba Father’s ears. But, as so many times in my life, for years I thought the answer was: "No." My childish heart hurt as I continued crying out in my loneness that I needed a puppy of my own that I could brush, take care of, and cuddle.


Oh, Lord, You are our beloved Abba Father and always know the *perfect* time and place to answer prayer! You knew when I would need her most. For, Foxy gave us a reason to live. A reason to pull together once again.... You knew…


People questioned why we called her our "first child." In retrospect, I can understand the confusion. Yet, to us, she was just that—our first child.

And just as we later taught our other children, we taught her baby-like things: to clap her hands as she played "pat-a-cake," to dance, to agree with us by actually saying "Yeah," and even, almost by accident, to wink.

Some things we never taught her—she just somehow understood. A visitor questioned Foxy’s understanding. She laughed at the idea of a dog understanding to that degree, but decided to test it. "Okay, tell her to go get a drink of water." When I did, Foxy walked daintily to her bowl and took several laps of water.

One day the drive through teller at the bank went on about Foxy being so cute. Just before driving away, we said, "Foxy, tell her thank you."

Foxy said, "ank ooo." The amazed teller is probably still talking about Foxy.

Foxy’s favorite word was "Yeah." When she “talked” she opened her mouth—almost in a yawn to say her words—but they were very clear. Once, while visiting my parents, I was on their computer (before we had one of our own) and Foxy was in the kitchen looking out their back door. Mom, from the other room asked me something. I didn't know how to answer. Foxy, from the kitchen said, "Yeah." Mom said to me, "Yeah what?" When she learned that Foxy, not a person, had answered her, her skepticism vanished.

We spoiled our "first child" more than any of our other human children. Discipline really wasn't needed. All you had to do was say, "No," to her. If that word was directed to her, I could always feel her sadness as her ears fell, her tail tucked, and she slumped away...

And there was a time she disappeared. Seriously—disappeared! It happened the first time I scolded her—before I understood how sensitive she was. At the time, we lived in a townhouse. When I called, Foxy didn’t come as she usually did. Yet, I knew she *had* to be inside somewhere.

I continued calling while searching every room: kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms, each bedroom, every closet—closed ones included. I even looked outside (while knowing she *couldn't* be there because I hadn't let her out). Then I started a more thorough search. I looked in the tub, behind furniture, under beds... Still, she was nowhere to be found...

Confusion clouded my mind. How in the world can a small puppy completely disappear? Was I losing it?

After searching for what seemed like forever, I began an even more detailed search. This time, I again looked in our bedroom closet. The door was barely cracked open. I turned on the light; again glancing around thinking she was not there. That was when it hit me: Hmmm...

Could it be? Directly inside to the right of the closet door, sat a brown grocery sack. I walked one step into the closet—and there, sitting in the corner—squished as close to the closet wall and the paper sack as possible, huddled Foxy... Head slumped, ears, and tail down. Pouting? !?!

How can anyone not love a puppy that puts herself in a time out? LOL!

And while my heart aches with the memories of her... The hole she left... Somehow she still lives.

Thanks so much to each of you for walking down memory lane with me... Remembering an answered prayer... One of so many prayers that our dear Abba Father has answered in such an awesomely perfect way.

Sending (((hugs))) much love to each of you in Jesus, our beloved Savoir.

Photos: Foxy Relaxin' ©1995 (first picture), Foxy's First Puppy Pics ©1990 (second picture) Foxy ©1993 (third picture) Foxy: Birthday Party ©1995 (fourth picture) and Cool Pup ©1994 (fifth picture) All pictures by ooly!


  1. Thank you for sharing Ooly; this truly blessed my heart...our little Annie Okie is not doing well...She wears a diaper now and bleeds from the cancer in her...I can't ever think about what to do...she doesn't seem to be suffering, she eats well, gets excited and plays...goes anxiously for her walks...sometimes I think my heart will break, over not knowing what to do.
    This was a comfort to me...It was good to see you write once again...missed you.....jOY

  2. Precious (((Joy))) I've missed you too.

    I am so sorry you are going through this...

    You have been constantly on my heart for about a week and a half... Your first and last name was even on a newspaper clip that one of my friends sent! (It wasn’t spelled correctly and the names were in reverse order—but I'll have to scan it in and send a copy to you! :-)

    I would have called... But I don't have your number... And the last emails I sent probably ended up in your spam folder... *sigh*

    The Holy Spirit knew what was going on though. (((Dear one))), I wish so much I could give you a (((hug.))) It is so hard to watch anyone or anything we love go down-hill...

    I prayed almost every day that the Lord wouldn't make me make the decision to put her down... I couldn't do it... And He answered in such an awesome way!

    The children were staying with my parents. Only dear hubby and I were home... That was the night the Lord chose to take her...

    His timing is always so perfect... And I pray, (((Dear one))) that our precious Abba Father manifests His love to you to an even greater degree during this time of sadness... He knows... He cares more than anyone else... He loves you so much... and so do I...

    (((Joy))) Praying for you (((Dear one)))....

  3. I have heard of the dark night of the soul...and the words dark and night do not give meaning to it...The hardest part for me is..................................theres no words...and I can't bear anyone saying "I Love you"........
    please forgive me Ooly...thank you for your love...God bless you and keep you....jOY

  4. I don't know why (((((((ooly))))))) but reading, hearing the story of Foxy brings me tears every time. Such a loss when we lose animals or people we were so very close to near or far. Reminds me of my loss in my own dear dogs.

    Are you ok? Wondering if you kept safe through the tornadoes.

    Love you my Sister in Christ! Keeping you & yours in my prayers.

  5. Dear (((Joy))),

    The best thing about the dark of night is that through Christ Jesus we know that daybreak is on its way!

    I'm saying the same thing to myself right now too...

    Sending bunches of love to you--through Jesus our precious Savior,


  6. Sweet Friend (((FaithAlways))),

    I know what you mean. Every time I come back here sadness engulfs me. I'm working on a blog entry about a happy time, but for some reason my usual writing has been blocked. I'm only able to write (or re-write) a sentence a day. Talk about slow writing! And since it is so difficult, I put it off even more...

    Yes, we're okay--and still here!!! :-) A little worse off because of the almost baseball sized hail--but the Lord protected us from the tornadoes.

    The homeschool graduation reception that we were in charge of is over finally (!!!!) and so now we can hit the books again. (Will this school year ever end?!? Guess not for us anyway... *sigh*)

    Sending (((Hugs))) to you and yours & much love in Him who is our all in all,


  7. *smile* I should pay attention better.


    Missed You!

    God's best to you & yours! We really should IM on Y sometime.

    Your Sister In Christ Jesus, Faith


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