October 26, 2010

Ever Wonder About Cinderella?

There she is—living in a palace—a perfect life of happiness, right?

Fancy balls, feasts, and so many celebrations;
Beautiful dresses and a pair of shoes to go with each dress;
Servants to tend to her every need: her hair, nails, and make-up…

Lady of the land, living in a castle,
being waited on hand and foot…
Oh yes, even chefs cook whatever her heart desires!

And then, of course, there is…. *sigh* the dashingly handsome Prince Charming….

And as any good Prince would, he dotes on his Princess bride. Their life: a perfect dream of happily ever after…. Oh, it’s so easy to believe… To forget the rest… To focus on the good of life instead!

He proudly walks in with her on his arm at every state function. The trumpets announce them as they enter under an archway of flashing swords. As the evening continues, everyone there seeks the couple out making small talk—not ever openly recognizing that they remember she is only a servant girl Cinderella masquerading as a Princess…

Happily ever after…

Or not?

What about how the story continues?

It is only time before Prince Charming is called to lead his countrymen to defend their homeland. Sure, he could stay safely in the palace with Cinderella and their darling children—but since he is a true leader of the Land, he goes where he is needed, but more than that—where he is *called.*

Of course the new Princess must stay behind. Everyone knows where she came from... They know that only because of the Prince is she "royalty." And so she lives confined to the castle—waiting for her Prince Charming to return… There are no more parties, no more state dinners, even the servants seem to disappear into the shadows…

And she is left, crying in the night to the only One who truly understands…

Sometimes lives look completely different when viewed from the inside... But praise the Lord that He will never leave nor forsake us! How truly blessed we are! :-)

Sending much love in Christ to you, dear reader,


Picture ©2004 by ooly's brother


  1. I'm reminded of that perfect dress situation and the many holiday gatherings. Possibly even the lil' wet dress, left in the washer.


    All my love and thoughts, in Christ, you dear sis in Christ Jesus! Prayers for you as the seasons change and we bunker down for yet another "Mom only knows what will happen, daily" season filled with comical & tender moments!

    God bless you and yours!

  2. (((((((Faith)))))))

    Thank you, dear one, for your comment! :-)

    I have seriously considered starting a different blog because everything here seems to turn out sad.

    Even when things are not exactly happy all the time, we still know "The joy of the Lord is our strength," and I want this to come across here somehow.

    Guess I will pray & keep at it here for a while.

    More blogs about things going on in our lives are upcoming.

    Thank you so much for all your prayers... I love you too dear Sis and continue praying for your family,


  3. Remember this, We will have and endure many different seasons in our lives, sad is one of many but throughout these times, God is ever faithful to guide us through with His loving arms.

    Hugs for you Sweet Sis!

  4. < pout > can't we skip "sad?" LOL! You know me, I love to laugh & be happy!

    Usually it takes two weeks before I'm over the sadness... It's been longer this time, but as you commented, God is ever faithful & I am *so thankful* for His loving arms.

    Sending love & (((Hugs))) right back at ya!!! :-)


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