October 28, 2009

GraceFully Falling Petals

As a mother dispensing life’s lessons, I’ve often seen my job as that of strewing flower petals (given by the Lord) in our children’s pathway of life. As they trample on the petals, oh, how I pray that this fragrance is pleasant unto Him—even if it tears my heart.

They say that people remember fragrances long after a memory is forgotten… I pray they remember…

And sometimes, after a long day, I wonder where the last petal will fall.

I’ve been amazed at how petals sometimes rush out of my hands and away in ways I can’t seem to control. Sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by petals of love that whirl away with the breeze of life, even as I try to grasp them and hold on. Sometimes I can’t help but cling more closely to each petal before letting go or hanging on only by what seems like a very thin thread of prayer.

And yet, each petal falls. It must. For this is His calling on my life.

Sometimes the petals land on hard cracked concrete and are purposely ground underfoot while sparks fly from beloved eyes.

But sometimes the petals have a soft landing; in well tilled velvety soft soil… And they grow in ways we never expected, blooming beautifully and abundantly. And we see our dear children—as the Lord sees them—peeking out at us through those lovely petals…

And that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Picture © 1999 by ooly!


  1. This is the very reason I was drawn to your first blog...The testimony of God's Grace is so evident in your writing...how your everyday life is dependent on the Lord...your love and covenant to your husband and children...

    Your new blog is annointed and inspiring...I pray that young and mature mothers who desire to bring up their children in the admonition of the Lord,will be led here and find council and encouragement in their sometimes frustrating and discouraging efforts to fulfill their desire to honor the Lord with leading these young lives in the knowledge of a true and living God.....

    I'm blessed to have found you walking with Him and sharing your heart and soul like only Ooly can.............

  2. Dear one (((Shebet))), :-)

    It is so good to be here with you again. How I've missed you...

    Thank you so much for blessing me with your comment and prayer! :-)

    I too pray that others find council and encouragement in the Lord here, and that they begin to hunger to know Him more intimately. Not only through my blog, but through your blog & other blogs on this site that are filled with the Love of Abba Father for His children.

    For only *He* can truly comfort and give peace. If He uses us as vessels to pour forth His love, then how He has blessed us!!!

    I love you (((dear one))),



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