October 22, 2009

Baby Steps

"Teach Me to Walk" © Jean Keaton: http://www.keatonprints.com/prints_love.htm . Special permission was granted for me to use it in my blog. Please note: Jean Keaton's lovely pencil drawings are fully protected by copyright.

She wraps her chubby hands around the folds of the crocheted blanket that lies on the couch. Her fingers dig into the holes and she begins struggling to rise up onto her wobbly legs. They are not yet completely stable, but they are now strong enough to easily support her weight. It wasn’t long ago that she could only walk holding onto Daddy’s hand. But now, she boldly steps forth into the world… Wondering where this newness will take her.

Slowly she lets the blanket slip out of her fingers as she takes her first tentative step. The first step she’s ever taken by herself.

She stumbles and falls hitting her head on the corner of the coffee table. Before the second sob gurgles forth from her rose bud lips, her Daddy is there, scooping her up in his strong arms… His comforting arms wrap around her, holding her, letting her know everything will be okay. “Yes,” He tells her, “the bump on your head will hurt for a while. You don’t want that to happen again! So be careful my darling!"

She looks up with tear filled eyes as he kisses the tears from her chubby cheeks. A beautiful dew-filled smile breaks through the darkness as the glorious light dawns once again on her beautiful face.

Her daddy sets her down, knowing that she will once again boldly walk away...
and stumble.

and fall again...

But he will always be there to pick her up...

Sending much love to you in our precious Lord Jesus,



  1. Beautiful page you have put together here. May the Lord bless you and yours dear friend!!
    Your sister in the Lord

  2. Linda, sweet (((friend))), :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! It was *wonderful* to see your comment left here--like a treasure for me to find.

    Praying for you, your Aunt, your daughter and your family dear one...

    Sending much love to you, Your Sister in our precious Savior,

    Living GraceFully


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