November 5, 2010

Treasure Hunt

“Let’s go on an adventure!” enthused our 5 year old.

“What kind of adventure?” we grinned at him.

“A treasure hunt!

Outside, the weather was perfect: sunny with only a hint of a breeze.

The dirt was just moist enough to make for easy digging. It smelled of earthiness and growth. As we dug, the golden “treasures” were grabbed by willing hands and placed carefully into the wagon.

“Dig over here!” yelled one of the children.

“Well, there’s probably nothing there,” Grandpa said.

“Please Grandpa? Let’s see!”

He began digging.

Up came a 4 pound sweet potato!

“If there’s nothing there,” we teased, “We’d hate to see if something really was!”

Our treasure hunt was *very* successful! We ended up with a large wagon-full of treasure! :-)

(((Dear Ones))), I pray that your day is full of happiness!

Sending much love to you in Christ Jesus--our eternal treasure,


Picture ©2010 by ooly!'s daughter


  1. Wow! What a surprise. Little Christi said she has been craving sweet potatoes for a few weeks now.:)


  2. LOL!

    We'll send some your direction! ;-)

    < throwing several four pounders... Not all at once though! *giggle* >

    Catch little Christi!!!!


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