November 6, 2010

And In the News

Lately, I've left our children home alone more than ever before. (Dear Hubby being gone...) They are well over old enough (by law) to be left alone, and yet, we are careful. Even more so, when one reads in the news about the people who criticize the parents of the 16 year old girl who attempted to sail around the world by herself.

At 16 she's not ready to set goals for herself--when several generations ago, it was normal for 12 to 16 year olds to get married and start a family?! (No I don't want any of our children getting married yet! LOL! However, it shows how much our ideas about responsibility and childhood have changed.)

One wonders how many who are criticizing have heard of the two Abernathy boys? When they were *nine* and *five* years old, they rode their horses from Fredrick, Oklahoma to El Paso, Texas, and then, they rode them back to Oklahoma. A year or so later, they rode their horses from Oklahoma all the way to New York! (See pictures from the "Frederick Daily Leader" October 29, 1967, 50th year NO. 196.) Amazing!

(Left click on the picture to read the news article. Toggle between the last two pictures.)

Isn't it awesome to realize that some "children" are much more resourceful and responsible than most of us realize? That, if left alone, they could survive & even prosper with only a little help from others?

Granted, there are children who are *not* ready to be on their own! They are not responsible at 16 and sometimes not even at 30--even though we as parents/educators have done our best...

I'm praying for the children of this nation--that they once again begin taking the responsibility that they did in the past. That they surge forward toward the future and the calling that the Lord has for them.

May the Lord bless you & your family,

Sending love and (((hugs))),



  1. There is a wake up call in the air. It is the Holy Spirit telling Christians to take responsibility for their actions and to take responsibility for nurturing their spiritual lives for the ever present battle. Especially the one raging that seeks to pull us away from the Lord. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  2. Hi (((Bobbi,))) :-)

    So true. The Holy Spirit *is* issuing a wake up call. I pray the Lord helps each of us answer it!

    Thanks so much for visiting & for your comment. :-)

    Praying our Lord abundantly blesses you too!


  3. It amazes me that you can be so tapped in to my thoughts and express it as well as you do! I have been thinking about this for some time. How the expectations of children have changed so much through time. Truly if so many in the Bible Times accomplished so much at an early age, we have actually not came as far as we once were in certain times. Something to ponder, anyhow and pray over.

    God bless, my Dear Sweet Sister! You are doing just as you should. Love and hugs!

  4. Precious Ooly; I'm trying once again to leave a comment...they come back to my e-mail box saying they cannot be posted...
    I am so blessed, (beyond words) to see how the Lord manifests His word, his grace, his love through you...I praise Him for your gift, because of how it ministers to the Body his life and love...I am blessed to be a recipient of that love...
    I pray as you wait upon him in your many duties as wife, mother, and beloved in His eyes...that you will find that His presence fulfills your loneliness, your every need...that He is always sufficient for those needs...even in your desperate-ness, that the Holy Spirit overshadows you as only he can, revealing Christ and the intamacy of His love toward you...I love you too precious one...and longingly look forward to that day when we will bow together before him, joining that numberless throng in high praises and endless love...His great love...yes beloved, always and always, forever and forever....jOy

  5. (((((((Dear Ones))))))

    As always, thank you so much for your comments! They encourage more that you know…

    Dear Sweet Sis (((FaithAlways))),

    All glory to the Lord! Only the Holy Spirit can help me speak. It’s not in me—as I know you already know! ;-) So true about Bible times. “And a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:16) Some truly don’t understand the pure potentiality of our children. (Lord, help me!)

    It’s strange how many times I tried to blog here—yet couldn’t. I’ve had this news clipping for about a year now. I’ve considered posting it many times.

    It’s interesting how it all worked.
    About three years ago, we learned about the Abernathy Boys on a website. That started a “study” about them. We loved it! It included some Geography, Science, History, Sociology, etc. all wrapped up in one. (It was “light” learning, but sometimes learning takes place that way more than any other.) Later, each child wrote a paper using the Abernathy Boys’ adventures as a starting point. Not only did the children enjoy it, I did too! :-)

    Then about a year ago I was totally surprised when I came across this news story in some things that were handed down from DH’s grandmother. She kept the clipping because of a darling baby picture! (I think she knew the baby.) There were news clippings in the books we read about the Abernathy’s, but none this extended! We were thrilled!

    God bless you too ((((Sweet Sister)))! :-) I love you… Sending (((hugs))) and prayers to you in Christ.


    Sweet & Precious (((( Joy)))),

    Thank you so much for your continued effort to post a comment… I pray that the Lord binds the evil one from our communication! In Jesus’ name I command it!

    The Lord knew I needed to hear from you… So many, even in my own Sunday School class, have attacked lately. I know that this is not of them, but of the evil one… Yet it still hurts…

    Your comment blessed me so much… thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is hard being the “strong one” here when I am so weak… Yet as you remind: He is my strength. He is sufficient. He is working through this situation to His glory… We’ve already seen that my Sweetie is being used to further the Gospel there… What a privilege and blessing to be able to serve the Lord!

    I look forward to that time too…Bowing before Him together… in praise, love, and adoration of The One who has been so abundantly good… His great love endures forever… and how thankful I am that it does!

    Dearly Beloved (((Joy))), my love, enabled by His much greater love, to you dear one…. Always & always, forever & ever,


  6. Good spiritual blog.
    I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  7. Praying with you with all children of our nation.

  8. Hello Again, Hope you are having a great day, I just wanted to thank you for your visit and your gracious comment. Have a blessed day!

  9. I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for your visit this week and gracious comment. Have a blessed week:)

  10. Hi (((Stan))) and (((Toyin))),

    Welcome to my blog & thanks so much for commenting! Your comments warm my heart and encourage me to continue blogging here. :-)

    I am happy to follow both of you & am thrilled to meet two more "siblings" in our Christian family!

    (((Toyin))) Dear Sister, you have a lovely way with words. Thank you so much for stopping by again! LOL! (It's awesome to see you here!) I've been blessed by your blogs, have enjoyed each of your comments & love seeing the beauty of our Savior as He shines though you. I'd love to have you follow, if the Holy Spirit leads.

    Thanks so much for your blessings & I am praying you have an abundantly blessed week as well! :-)

    Sending (((Hugs))) and love in our beloved Jesus,



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